Three horseshoes, and no fourth horseman

Almost a year ago, on a balmy Herfordshire evening, we headed up the A1 to the delightful Three Horseshoes in Willian, near Letchworth.  A bit of déjà vu, apart from the driving rain, as we invaded the country pub. “2 pints of your weakest bitter and a diet coke, please”. We were armed for battle.

Last year we scored 3 wins. Could we repeat this feat, though outgraded (a bit) on each board? Leon rolled back the years like a timelord as he scored a win with an excellent Ruy Lopez king-side attack. Dan countered his opponent’s Grand Prix attack for a storming win. Board one saw the Modern Variation of the Alekhine. White grabbed a pawn and swapped down to a winning blitz knight and pawn ending. We had our 3 wins, again. Malcolm entered the (Sicilian) Dragon via the Benoni for a creditable half. Terry’s Benk0 Gambit Half Accepted  drew (sharp eyed readers will notice there was one last year – more weird déjà vu).

The exit to the A1 was closed, but a detour via Hitchen could not dampen our spirits. A 4-1 win and relegation blues banished. Roll on the next match.
Herts CA : Herts League – Division 4   Monday 18 March 2013
Board  1 : Barnes, Jon P               156      0-1   Kent, Anthony R             148
Board  2 : Harris, Mark                  150     1/2   Gesthuysen, Malcolm  149
Board  3 : Gardner, Phillip K       159     1/2   O’Sullivan, Terry J         131
Board  4 : Mutton, Ian                   148     0-1    Marcos, Dan                   130
Board  5 : Coates, Tom                   138     0-1    Glouzman, Leon           126
Match Score :                                               1 – 4

Thawing out the grey cells

Match Played 12 February 2013

Borehamwood                        Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum 2nds

Board 1 :       Kent, Anthony R          148       1/2       Fisher, Jim 158  (W)
Board 2 :       Gesthuysen, Malcolm 149     1/2       White, David 143
Board 3 :       O’Sullivan, Terry J    131         0-1        Bruckner, Roman 143
Board 4 :       Marcos, Dan              130           1-0       Wali, Mir M 141
Board 5 :      Glouzman, Leon        126           0-1       Read, Matthew 142
Match Score :                                                         2 – 3
The last match preceded the days of snow. This one was post thaw. Well done Dan for being sole winner. On Board 1, with a few left minutes each, black had sacrificed the exchange for the attack. Black to play, Nf4 looks tasty, but unfortunately f5 played and advantage dissipated. Need to thaw out those grey cells a bit more.