St Jude, St Albans and Opposite Coloured Bishops

The day before the match, the much anticipated St Jude’s storm was due to pass through leafy Hertfordshire. Fortunately, by the close of the day, the strong winds had left our sceptered isle for European pastures. No major damage had occurred in Borehamwood,  though other people and places were less fortunate.

On paper, Borehamwood had a grading advantage over the St Albans Team, and this was a further opportunity to display our promotion credentials.

Matthew Simmons won comfortably on top board against the English opening.  Unfortunately, defeats on boards 4 and 5 meant we playing catch up. A draw in the English on Board 3, left only the opposite coloured Bishops ending on board 2, White was 2 pawns up, but needed to open two fronts of attack to win this type of ending. As the time pressure mounted, this was at last achieved, and the match was drawn.

2 away matches in coming up November before the holiday break.

Herts League – Division 4    Tuesday 29-October-2013

Borehamwood                                     St Albans 4
Board  1 : Simmons, Matthew        193   1-0       Douse, Terry                      133
Board  2 : Kent, Anthony R              148   1-0       Narbeth, Simon                128
Board  3 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm    146   1/2   Hebblethwaite, Dominic   124
Board  4 : Marcos, Dan                      143   0-1   Magee, Edward                     120
Board  5 : Glouzman, Leon              120   0-1   McMahon, Austin                 121

Match Score :                                          2.5 – 2.5