Champagne stays on ice

Long drive up the A1 on a wet November night. No cigars, caviar or champagne. Still seeking our first points of a chastening season.

Leon played a rapid, solid stonewall as black and agreed a grandmaster draw. Anthony blundered a pawn early in a sort of reversed Leningrad dutch, but pressure led Q + 2 bishops against Q + Bishop and knight.
Black could make no headway, so draw agreed.
Terry had white against a kings Indian, had a lively game, but got caught at the back.
Malcolm backed the wrong horse in a drawn pawn ending, and Matthew finished last with a well fought reversed Sicilian draw. We lost 3-2

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3 Monday 23-November-2015
Letchworth & Hitchin 2  v Borehamwood
Board 1 : Nelson, Ian 163 (w)              0-1     Simmons, Matthew 194
Board 2 : Burrows, Anthony G 153    1/2     Kent, Anthony R 145
Board 3 : Coates, Tom 133                    1-0     Gesthuysen, Malcolm 133
Board 4 : Pateman, Mark 125              1-0     O’Sullivan, Terry J 114
Board 5 : Collis, Leon 48                       1/2     Glouzman, Leon 118
Match Score : 3 – 2



Home but not much comfort

Our first home match of the season against Hertford 2. The story so far: Malcolm’s opponent got the better of the opening and chaperoned  a pawn home in a won endgame. Leon lost to the Stonewall.
Anthony only just survived a Kingside onslaught against the Sicilian Dragon, and Du Boulay turned down a draw during the time scramble . Unfortunately for him, his flag fell first in a better position. A very fortunate win for us.
Dan won after his opponent resigned rather than face a loss on adjudication (computer agrees). Matthew is a down on material but playing on. 2 – 2 so far……

Tuesday 17-November-2015
Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3
Borehamwood 1 Hertford 2
Board 1 : Simmons, Matthew 194        P-P   Capes, Ian (W) 160
Board 2 : Marcos, Dan 164                     1-0     A Morris, Simon P 150
Board 3 : Kent, Anthony R 145             1-0    Du Boulay, Andrew 146
Board 4 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm 133   0-1    Mountford, Corinne 134
Board 5 : Glouzman, Leon 118              0-1     Marshall, Duncan 114
Match Score : 2 – 2 so far


Mind The (Watford) Gap

Most teams in lower leagues dream of getting promoted, whatever the sport or level of play. Greater challenge, mixing it with the ‘big boys. Most team

OK, we got promoted from Herts Division 4 to Division 3. Not exactly Champions league with ‘Zadok the Priest’ blaring out and mascots with flags. Anyway, we did not get of to the best of starts…..

Anthony won a piece in 8 moves (i.e. early doors) his opponent resigned, having misplayed a grand prix attack (see diagram below – after 8.d3?? …Qa5ch won a piece)

Kevin had a tough time against his opponent’s Grunfield defence and could never develop his queen-side. Leon had a feisty exchange French Defence, He defended a strong king side attack well, but his opponent eventually swapped down to a won queen and pawn endgame.
Terry’s opponent,got a good opening from the Queens Indian. Terry lost material under time pressure at the end.
Matthew built up a steady attack with a closed Sicilian. He obtained an advanced passed queens pawn, and had some potential strong lines. His opponent found a resource to get a draw. So we lost 3.5 – 1.5

Herts League – Division 3 Tuesday 13-October-2015
Watford 3 v Borehamwood 1
Board 1 :  Charles, Simon (B) 138  1/2         Simmons, Matthew (W) 194
Board 2 : Sloan, Cecil 138              0-1           Kent, Anthony R 145
Board 3 : Littlefair, Paul 134         1-0          Sear, Kevin 167
Board 4 : Yassir, Samir 140           1-0          Glouzman, Leon 118
Board 5 : David, Barry AH 134      1-0          O’Sullivan, Terry 114
Match Score :                                3.5 – 1.5