Borehamwood finish season as runners up

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3
Tuesday 9th May 2017

Borehamwood                                  Bishops Stortford 2
1 Raoof, Adam N 192 (b)        1-0     Acton, Tim 144 (w)
2 Marcos, Dan 155                  1/2     Heffer, Mark 138
3 Kent, Anthony R 153           0-1     Heffer, Judith 132
4 Gesthuysen, Malcolm 132 1-0      Willbe, Charles 123
5 O’Sullivan, Terry J 121       1/2      Jurd, Peter 120
Total:                                         3-2

Before the match, we knew that if we won 5-0, we would be joint champions. However, since we don’t particularly want to be promoted and don’t need pressure, a 3-2 win did nicely. We ended up with 18 points, same as Royston 2, but with 2 less game points.

7 wins, 4 draws and only one defeat represents a successful season. But we need MORE PLAYERS in the squad!

Starting with tonight’s winners. Adam’s Classical Dutch put his opponent into time pressure, which gave us a point. Malcolm got excellent pressure from the Queens Gambit.

The draws: Terry drew against the London System, and Dan’s Advanced French led into exchange of pieces and an even position.

Anthony noticed Becker v Short, 24 April 2017, World Seniors, in the paper and tried out the same line. White played 5 NxN and …Rg8  (as in Short game) gave Black good pressure and better development.


However, fair play to white who fought back and won. Definitely worth playing line again.




Good win over Stevenage

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3
Tuesday 2nd May 2017                    Stevenage White on odds as away team.

Borehamwood                                  Stevenage 2
1 Raoof, Adam N 192             1-0    Fitzgerald, Patrick 145
2 Marcos, Dan 155                 1-0    Price, Derick 134
3 Kent, Anthony R 153          1-0   Thompson, Neal A 142
4 Gesthuysen, Malcolm 132 1/2   Reilly, Gerard 123
5 O’Sullivan, Terry J 121       1/2   Bailey, Russell 126

3  Good wins on top boards for a solid win. Good attack for black (to move) on board 3