Herts League: Win v Watford gives 4 wins out of 4

Last year we were caught in some nasty roadworks, so this year google maps was duly consulted. We were stronger on paper, and so it proved over the board   

Herts League – Division 3                                     
 Monday 12-November-2018    Away team white on odd boards                                        

                  Watford 3                                                 Borehamwood
Board  1 : Pigott, Darrell N                   155   0-1   Raoof, Adam N                    173
Board  2 : Papathanasopoulos, N     153   1-0   Rubeck, Jonathan               168
Board  3 : Littlefair, Paul                     143   0-1   Marcos, Dan                          158
Board  4 : Shaw, David K                    134   0-1   Kent, Anthony R                   151
Board  5 : Charles, Simon                  129   0-1   Gesthuysen, Malcolm        139
 Match Score :                                     1 – 4

Adam won playing the Nimzowitch Larsen. Anthony’s opponet played an aggressive line against the Dutch which was eventually repelled.  Malcolm won comfortably.  Jonathan had extra pawns in a Queen and rook ending, but his king was out in the open and his position became lost. Dan’s game was adjourned with a clearly winning pawn endgame, and his opponent resigned a few days later.

State of play on board 1

    Boards 1, 2 and yonder

Dan’s final position on board 3. As white to move, c4 does the job.