Double completed over Bishops Stortford

We managed to beat Bishops Stortford 3.5 – 1.5 at home last week. This week, we drove up the M11 for the return match, and managed to win again by the same margin. Also means we have won Division 3 of the Herts League!

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3                                
Thursday 04-April-2019               Away Team white on Odd Boards                            

          Bishops Stortford 2                             Borehamwood
Board  1 : White, Kevin D                   176   0-1   Marcos, Dan                      171
Board  2 : Acton, Tim                          142   0-1   Kent, Anthony R             153
Board  3 : Osiyemi, Lara                     139   1-0   Gesthuysen, Malcolm   142
Board  4 : Heffer, Judith                      140   1/2   Sear, Kevin                       119
Board  5 : Cowlin, Andrew                  120   0-1   O’Sullivan, Terry J         105
Match Score :                                    1.5 – 3.5

Dan Defeated Kevin White on Board 1 with a strong attack in the Londom System. An excellent result.  Anthony won a reversed scicilan in an open tactical game, his opponent running out of time in lost position. Kevin obtained a solid draw in even position. Terry mated his opponent. Malcolm unfortunately played the moved he should have played next (O-O) first, and prompltly lost a piece. Nobody can catch us now in the league – we are champions with 2 matches to go.