2nd Herts League match ends in defeat

Our fist – and last – Herts league home match of 2021. We managed to play a full 5 player team this time, and the teams looked fairly even on paper, but we lost again to Watford 2:

Herts League – Division 2B     Tuesday 14-December-2021            

           Borehamwood                                     Watford 2
Board  1 : Simmons, Matthew  2163   1/2   Taylor, Alistair 1840
Board  2 : Choudhury, Shakeel 1803   1/2   Gurjar, Roshan 1720
Board  3 : Kent, Anthony 1750   1/2   Sloan, Cecil 1720
Board  4 : Sear, Kevin 1653   0-1   Charles, Simon 1720
Board  5 : O’Sullivan, Terry 1510   0-1   Gurjar, Siena 1578
  Match Score :                                    1.5 – 3.5

Borehamwood were black on odd boards as home team. In truth, we never looked like winning the match. All Boards playing 70 minutes each + 10 second increment per move.

On Board 3, Kevin Seer had a rook for a bishop and 2 pawns. But Black’s bishop pair was too strong.with most pawns still on the board. Shakeel Choudhary could not convert the queenside pressure he had on Board 2. On Top Board, Matthew Simmons was a bit worse off, but managed to reach a drawn ending.I unwisely castled queenside in the Sicilian. On board 3, as black to move, Anthony Kent was offered a draw (see position below). Having only 2 1/2 mins left + increments the draw offer was accepted. Post game, the computer says black was a bit worse off.On Board 5, Terry O’sullivan had an opposite coloured bishop ending. He missed a drawing chance very short on time, and lost to a strong young opponent.

Draw agreed on Board 3 (Black to move)

There are more fixtures in the new year, and hopefully these will go ahead on schedule. The players who want to play should be allowed to make their own choice, subject to being in good health. Wishing all our members and readers an enjoyable festive season and happy new year.