Narrow Loss To Stevenage

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 2D            Monday 11-April-2022                                         
                       Borehamwood White on odds boards                                                

            Stevenage 1                                     Borehamwood
Board  1 : Amato, Giampiero     2110   0-1   Simmons, Matthew  2163
Board  2 : Fewell, Ewan              1900   1/2   Raoof, Adam              2103
Board  3 : Rawlings, Stephen     1795   1/2   Kent, Anthony             1750
Board  4 : Anigbo, Afamefuna    1775   1-0   O’Sullivan, Terry         1510
Board  5 : Fitzgerald, Patrick      1788   1-0   Williams, Stephen       1500
 Match Score :                                   3 – 2

Another tight match, but still winless this season in Herts Division 2. We were evenly matched over the top 3 boards, but their strength on the bottom 2 boards proved the difference.

Anthony finished first on board 3, accepting a draw against the French Defence, Terry’s Queens Gambit declined went awry, and he found himself unable to castle ,and under attack. White won comfortably in the end. Adam played a lively line of the French defence on board 2, and a draw was agreed after many pieces got exchanged.

On Board 5, Steve had some pressure with his 2 rooks and queens lined up, despite being a pawn down. Unfortunately, black managed to swap all the pieces of and comfortably won the pawn endgame. Board 1 saw a 4 knights opening where black had double pawns on the c file and a Bishop for Knight. White played a long term game to swap off the other pieces and use his mobile knight to create queenside threats and win the endgame.

We play Stevenage again at home in a couple of weeks.

The team
Board 1