February 7 2012: Lost to League leaders (again)

Herts Division 4:      Borehamwood v Barnet Elizabethans 2
Board 1 :     Kent, Anthony R 160               0-1      Sahan, Kurtulus 166
Board 2 :     Gesthuysen, Malcolm 149       0-1     Myers, Philip 162
Board 3 :     Sear, Kevin 148                       1/2    Bowie, Brian S 162
Board 4 :    Glouzman, Leon 141                 1/2    Wright, Nigel 160
Board 5 :    O’Sullivan, Terry J 129               1/2    Jones, Michael N 138
Match Score :                                      1.5 – 3.5

Does not make pretty reading. Mea culpa on board 1. Just about emerged OK from one opening cock-up against the modern defence, then make a howler. Somewhat overrun on the King Side on Board 2, but decent draws on the remaining boards. No promotion, and surely no relegation. And no banana.

We need to expand our playing squad (is my needle stuck?). Any interested new players please get in touch. I may even sort out this website one day….



One thought on “February 7 2012: Lost to League leaders (again)

  1. Thanks for stopping by my art pages. If you want to use any of the chess images to spruce up your website, just let me know and I’ll grant you permission. Hope the Chess season gets better for you…:)

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