Three Horseshoes, Three Wins (and a Draw)

Another dry clear April evening. We undertook the 25 mile trek up the A1 to the delightful Three Horseshoes in Willian, Letchworth. A traditional country pub – perfect venue for last match of the league season (or indeed any match). No prospect of promotion or relegation, so no pressure other than pride.

I mused over the Three/Three heading above upon entering the pub, but the way the games were going after about an hour and a half, such a result was looking highly unlikely. On Board 2, Malcolm got a good game with the Benk0 Gambit Half Accepted  as White, and won quite comfortably. An Alapin Sicilian caused Black problems on Board 1, but a surprise pin won material to emerge successfully from a difficult position.  An oversight in a better position allowed a win for us on Board 3, giving us the match.

Letchworth 2                                          Borehamwood

1                        P Gardiner 153           0  – 1                 A Kent 160          (Black)

2                        M Harris 145              0  –  1                 M Gesthuysen 149

3                        A Burrows 166          0  –  1                  K Sear 148

4                        J Barnes 145           0.5 –  0.5              L Glouzman 141

5                         S Turner                      1  –   0                 T O’Sullivan  129

 1.5  –   3.5   

Played 12, Won 7, Drawn 1, Lost 4 makes for a good season. The Club is planning to host a free tournament on the Evening of Wednesday 20 June as part of the Town Council’s civic week. England football team are playing the night before,  so you won’t have to miss that. More information to follow.


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