Where black is the color, where none is the number (with apologies to Dylan)

First match of the season , played on our home patch.  Having a strong new board was a big plus. We won the toss, and each of boards 1, 3 and 5 scored victories with white. Matthew on 1 played a measured Sicilian Grand Prix Attack which overran his opponent’s Kingside. Board 3 saw black defend a Kings Indian, which was seen through to the time scramble. On board 5, Leon’s Ruy Lopez was an exchange up early on and black never recovered. On Board 2, the  über infamous Colorado Gambit petered out to a draw.   Next match at Home on October 29th. A solid start to the campaign, with no lost games.

Herts League – Division 4                      Tuesday 15-October-2013 

          Borehamwood 1                                          Stevenage 3
Board  1 : Simmons, Matthew     193   1-0      Trethewey, Frank   133
Board  2 : Kent, Anthony R           148   1/2     Bogucki, Michal        129
Board  3 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm 146   1-0      James, Arthur           126
Board  4 : O’Sullivan, Terry J         126   1/2      Lean, Chris                129
Board  5 : Glouzman, Leon            120   1-0      Belton, David J         121
 Match Score :                                              4 – 1


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