October: The Battle of Barnet, etc.

The original Battle of Barnet was a major part of the war of the Roses in 15th Century England. As it turned out, Borehamwood v Barnet Elizabethans 2 was a bit of a whitewash:

Herts League – Division 4 Tuesday 14-October-2014
Borehamwood                               v        Barnet Elizabethans 2
Board 1 : Simmons, Matthew 197 1-0 Jones, Michael N 136
Board 2 : Kent, Anthony R 153      1-0 Morley, Howard 135
Board 3 : Marcos, Dan 142             1-0 Mohamed, Nadir 99
Board 4 : Gesthuysen, M 141          1-0 Osland, Bryan 96
Board 5 : Glouzman, Leon 119        1-0 Riddoch, Ian A 82
Match Score :                                    5 – 0

Nice to start the league season with a clean sweep.


Next up, Borehamwood played its first match in the Herts & District South chess league against St. Albans. These matches enable some regulars to play more games, and represent an opportunity for new or lower graded players to get some competitive chess.

On top board, Dan Marcos played powerfully against the Semi-Tarrasch Defence, winning the exchange and the game. On second board neither player made headway after an unconventional Benoni opening, and the players agreed a draw after 28 moves. On board three,Terry O’Sullivan faced the Slav Defence. The game looked even until Black blundered by leaving his queen to be pinned against his king, and White won the ending. On board four, newcomer Sheila Carlisle was outplayed but enjoyed her first competitive game. First Lady player in Borehamwood CCs history!

H&D League – South Monday 20-October-2014
St Albans                                     v           Borehamwood
Board 1 : Douse, Terry 134           0-1  Marcos, Dan 142
Board 2 : McMahon, Austin 128 1/2   Gesthuysen, Malcolm 141
Board 3 : Laskier, Paul 126           0-1   O’Sullivan, Terry J 115
Board 4 : Claret, Ray R 117            1-0   Carlisle, Sheila 50
Board 5 : Whitworth, M 114          1-d   default –
Match Score :                               2.5 – 2.5


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