Draw Against St Albans. Still Unbeaten.

An interesting match. Dan won in 9 moves against the French as Black lost his queen (…8e5?? see below). Malcolm also gained advantage in a few moves from the Queens Gambit and won. Adam lost in the Winnawer French after overlooking a tactic. Terry had 2 Bishops for 2 knights, but his doubled pawns were weak and were eventually his undoing. All square Anthony faced a Staunton Gambit and after a tense struggle, agreed a draw. Overall, a fair result. 2 wins and 2 draws is a good start.
Herts League – Div 3  Tuesday 15-November-2016
Borehamwood 1                                                       St Albans 3

Board  1 : Raoof, Adam N (b)       192         0-1   Ramesh, Raghav    172
Board  2 : Marcos, Dan                   155       1-0   Cross, Ian K             147
Board  3 : Kent, Anthony R            153       1/2   Hambly, David J     144
Board  4 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm  132       1-0   Laskier, Paul            135
Board  5 : O’Sullivan, Terry J        121        0-1   Palmer, James C   127
Match Score :                                            2.5 – 2.5


Home win against Letchworth and Hitchen

First home match of season in cosy room 4 at Allum Lane Community Centre.

Out of nothing, Terry unfortunately mislaid his Queen against the English Opening on board 5. However, Malcolm won against the Nimzo-Indian on board 4 and Dan’s Alapin Sicilian also brought victory on board 2.Now 2-1 up Adam had a solid classical Dutch and tried a few things,  but these were well met by his opponent. Anthony Kent’s initially promising Leningrad Dutch went badly awry and led to being the exchange down under severe bank rank pressure. A pawn breakout on the queen-side got some much needed counter-play and an invaluable passed pawn. White refused the offer a draw being well ahead on time (80 minutes each for whole game), but black evened up material and white eventually got checkmated.

Herts League – Division 3                                  Tuesday 18th October
Borehamwood                                                   Letchworth & Hitchin 2
Board 1 : Adam Raoof (W) 192             1/2           Anthony J Ball  (B) 164
Board 2 : Dan Marcos 155                  1-0           Ian Mutton 155
Board 3 : Anthony Kent 153               1-0           Anthony Burrows 153
Board 4 : Malcom Gesthuysen 132   1-0           Jon P Barnes P147
Board 5 : Terry O’Sullivan 121           0-1           Harris, Mark 147
Match Score :                                   3.5 – 1.5

Honours even against Royston

Halloween night, and a 72 mile round trip up the A1 and A505 to play Rosyon was our trick or treat. On paper, this seems our toughest fixture as we were outgraded, apart from top board. So a draw, to follow two wins, giving 5 points out of 6 for the 2016/17 season is very pleasing.

Away team (Borehamwood) white on odd boards per league rule. Adam’s favoured Colle system on board 1 looked very promising, but petered out to a draw. Malcolm had a decent Kings Indian on board 3, but in pressing on the King Side got his own queen trapped. Kevin held off the Poish opening for a good draw on board 5, and Terry won against the Old Indian. Anthony faced a c3 Sicilian, got into a spot of bother early doors, but turned it round as white developed too slowly. Eventually black got some advantage, but agreed a draw as time was short.
Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3     Monday 31-October-2016
Royston 2                                                          Borehamwood
Board  1 : Davison, Chris  (B)               183   1/2   Raoof, Adam N  (W)            192
Board  2 : Kemp, Paul R                        176   1/2   Kent, Anthony R                   153
Board  3 : Judkins, Brian D                    151   1-0   Gesthuysen, Malcolm          132
Board  4 : Rudd, David R                        146   1/2   Sear, Kevin                          132
Board  5 : Pride, Stephen C                    142   0-1   O’Sullivan, Terry J               121
Match Score :                                          2.5 – 2.5
New players for matches need to bolster our squad. Please contact/comment via the website if interested.