Draw Against St Albans. Still Unbeaten.

An interesting match. Dan won in 9 moves against the French as Black lost his queen (…8e5?? see below). Malcolm also gained advantage in a few moves from the Queens Gambit and won. Adam lost in the Winnawer French after overlooking a tactic. Terry had 2 Bishops for 2 knights, but his doubled pawns were weak and were eventually his undoing. All square Anthony faced a Staunton Gambit and after a tense struggle, agreed a draw. Overall, a fair result. 2 wins and 2 draws is a good start.
Herts League – Div 3  Tuesday 15-November-2016
Borehamwood 1                                                       St Albans 3

Board  1 : Raoof, Adam N (b)       192         0-1   Ramesh, Raghav    172
Board  2 : Marcos, Dan                   155       1-0   Cross, Ian K             147
Board  3 : Kent, Anthony R            153       1/2   Hambly, David J     144
Board  4 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm  132       1-0   Laskier, Paul            135
Board  5 : O’Sullivan, Terry J        121        0-1   Palmer, James C   127
Match Score :                                            2.5 – 2.5


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