Edging ahead against Hertford

Herts League – Division 3 Tuesday 21-February-2017
Borehamwood 1             Hertford 2
Board 1 : Raoof, Adam N 192              0-1    Wooster, Nick 139
Board 2 : Marcos, Dan 155                  1-0    Hutton, Allan 128
Board 3 : Kent, Anthony R 153            1/2    Mountford, Corinne 133
Board 4 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm 132 P-P   Harris, John 102
Board 5 : O’Sullivan, Terry J 121         1-0   Brewis, Alan 101
Match Score : 2.5 – 1.5

After a gap of a month, in more mild weather, we entertained Hertford. They were less strong on paper than the team we faced at their place.

Things started well as Terry build up a good position and won a piece against Alan Brewis, continuing his excellent run of results this season. Dan also won against a Pirc defense which left us well placed. Anthony got the worst of a Dutch defence, but managed to swipe a pawn in a locked stonewall type set up. Black countered very well and the offer of a draw was readily accepted. Adam was doing ok with the classical Dutch. Black responded well building up good pressure on his king. An importune queen move allowed a Knight fork of his King and Queen. Game over. Malcolm’s game remains to be continued, and he is certainly not worse off.
                    Final position Board 5    Adam deep in thought     Adjournment on board 4



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