Borehamwood finish season as runners up

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3
Tuesday 9th May 2017

Borehamwood                                  Bishops Stortford 2
1 Raoof, Adam N 192 (b)        1-0     Acton, Tim 144 (w)
2 Marcos, Dan 155                  1/2     Heffer, Mark 138
3 Kent, Anthony R 153           0-1     Heffer, Judith 132
4 Gesthuysen, Malcolm 132 1-0      Willbe, Charles 123
5 O’Sullivan, Terry J 121       1/2      Jurd, Peter 120
Total:                                         3-2

Before the match, we knew that if we won 5-0, we would be joint champions. However, since we don’t particularly want to be promoted and don’t need pressure, a 3-2 win did nicely. We ended up with 18 points, same as Royston 2, but with 2 less game points.

7 wins, 4 draws and only one defeat represents a successful season. But we need MORE PLAYERS in the squad!

Starting with tonight’s winners. Adam’s Classical Dutch put his opponent into time pressure, which gave us a point. Malcolm got excellent pressure from the Queens Gambit.

The draws: Terry drew against the London System, and Dan’s Advanced French led into exchange of pieces and an even position.

Anthony noticed Becker v Short, 24 April 2017, World Seniors, in the paper and tried out the same line. White played 5 NxN and …Rg8  (as in Short game) gave Black good pressure and better development.


However, fair play to white who fought back and won. Definitely worth playing line again.




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