Ahead in Hertford

Another away match. The A414 was not quite Bing Crosby and Bob Hope On The Road to Utopia. We arrived at the Bull Plain venue on time, then drove away until we found a parking space a few roads away. Our opponents kindly waited for us to park and get drinks before starting the clocks.

Herts League – Division 3          Tuesday 14-November-2017

Hertford 2                                     Borehamwood
Board 1 :        Wooster, Nick 139                  1/2 Raoof, Adam N 183
Board 2 :        Du Boulay, Andrew 139        0-1 Kent, Anthony R 149
Board 3 :        Rudd, David R 138                 P-P Gesthuysen, Malcolm 131
Board 4 :        Mountford, Corinne 134      0-1 Sear, Kevin 122
Board 5 :       Hutton, Allan 127                   1-0 O’Sullivan, Terry J 126

Match Score :                                              1.5 – 2.5 (Board 5 adjourned)

A tight match as expected. Jazz Band playing downstairs, including a William Shatner style version of ‘Common People’ to aid our concentration.


Kevin looked a bit under the cosh in the Maróczy Bind, but countered down the Queen-side for a top notch win on Board 4. Adam’s opponent on board 1 got the draw he was probably seeking, and Terry was outplayed from a Queens Pawn opening.

On board 4, the Fisher clock 70 minutes plus 10 seconds a move saw White under some time pressure. After 30 moves black had a small plus from an unorthodox Sicilian defense when White below played 31Bb5? . Play went ….RxR 32. QxR QxB 33. Qc7 Kh8! 34. Rc3 Qxd 35. g3 BxR 36. QxBch Qe5 and Black is clearly winning by some margin.


Time was called and Board 3 was adjourned. No comment to protect our analysis, just a picture (White to move).


As always, new members welcome. Please contact us.


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