Season finale with win against Hertford

Comfortable win to end the season as runner-up (again)

Herts League – Division 3            Tuesday 15-May-2018
Borehamwood                                       Hertford 2
Board  1 : Raoof, Adam N                    176   1/2   Wooster, Nick                      141
Board  2 : Marcos, Dan                        151   1-0   Du Boulay, Andrew             137
Board  3 : Kent, Anthony R                 151   1-0   Morris, Simon P                   147
Board  4 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm        132   1-0   Rudd, David R                      138
Board  5 : O’Sullivan, Terry J              118   0-1   Hutton, Allan                       129
Match Score :                                             3.5 – 1.5

In board order: Adam agreed a draw in top board with little on offer. Dan’s Ruy Lopez on board 2 eventually led to a won rook and pawn ending after all the pieces swapped off .



Board 3 saw Anthony’s modern defence under pressure as white gave up 2 pawns and charged up his g-pawn and Harry the h-pawn. Black managed to swap off to a won endgame;  the a-pawn is unstoppable on its destiny to become a queen.

AK v MorrisMay18

Nice win for Malcolm on 4 as he pinned black’s queen to the back rank.

Malcolm May 18

Terry had a decent position with a draw available, but time pressure took its toll.

Thanks to everyone who played. See you at the Elstree Town Council Civic Festival chess on Tuesday 19 June @ Fairway Hall. Enjoy the summer break. Club reopens September/October.








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