Herts League: Royston Rolled Over

Our first home Herts League match of the season, and a comfortable win against Royston 2, who traveled 35 miles from the far corner of Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire border. 2 wins out of 2 so far in the Herts League.

Away team white on odds.

Borehamwood                          Royston 

1 Raoof, Adam N 173             1-0 Walton, Paul 161
2 Rubeck, Jonathan 168        1-0 Strehl, Arek 147
3 Marcos, Dan 158                 1-0 Judkins, Brian D 138
4 Kent, Anthony R 151           1/2 Pride, Stephen C 138
5 Gesthuysen, Malcolm 139 1/2 Andrews, Arthur 91
Result :                                     4-1

Jonathan Rubeck played his first match for the club, and won against a feisty Petroff Defence. On Board 1, Adam’s game was a complicated French Winawer, where white took the Poisoned Pawn and paid the price. Dan’s closed Sicilian got complicated, but his King Side attack eventually prevailed.  Draws for Anthony and Malcolm completed the picture.

Board 1 below: White’s King is somewhat exposed


Board 3: White’s King getting slowly squeezed.



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