A win on the Road (just off the A1)

Getting a bit twitchy with team only winning 3 and drawing 1 out of 8  league matches, but we did the ‘double’ over Stevenage 3 to banish all fears of relegation. Board 1 saw white misplay a Grand Prix Attack, and try a double piece sacrifice to open Black up. It did not work. A nifty Queens Gambit Declined on board 2 led to a won endgame, with White’s a and b pawns trundling like a juggernaut towards the 8th rank. A couple of other good wins, and it is all smiles again.

HCA : Herts League – Division 4 Monday 12-March-2012

Stevenage 3 Borehamwood 1 (Stevenage White on odds)
Board 1 : Trethewey, Frank 137 0-1 Kent, Anthony R 160
Board 2 : Bogucki,Andrzey 126 0-1 Gesthuysen, Malcolm 149
Board 3 : Bogucki,Michal 137 1-0 Sear, Kevin 148
Board 4 : Lean, Chris 138 0-1 Glouzman, Leon 141
Board 5 : Belton, David J 132 0-1 O’Sullivan, Terry J 129
Match Score : 1 – 4


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