Drawing out a win

I drew a couple of games this week that I really should have won. In the first, I was a pawn down and facing likely defeat. I spotted a way of getting the pawn back, and was so elated after doing so that I missed winning a piece the next move.

The second game was against a stronger opponent. I was black defending mating threats in a fiery Chinese Dragon. With about ten minutes to go in a quickplay finish, I found myself chasing the opponent’s King into the middle of the board, and had to keep checking him or would be checkmated myself. I missed a pawn check that would have facilitated this and had to agree a draw with 2 minutes left.


1)      If your circumstances in a poor position suddenly improve, don’t get over euphoric – they may be able to  improve even more

2)      If you have at least a draw by perpetual check after a tough game, and a few minutes to spare, keep calm and look at the wider picture to see if you have something better.



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