A win to start with…..

BOREHAMWOOD                                HERTFORD 3   16 October 2012

Board Home team        Grade Score Away team               Grade Score
1 Anthony Kent               162       ½        Nick Wooster           149    ½
2 Malcolm Gesthuysen 158        1         Steve Zsibrita          120     0
3 Leon Glouzman            138       ½       David Green              117     ½
4 Terry O’Sullivan            138      ½       Corrine Mountford 117    ½
5 Dan Marcos                    130        1        Alan Brewis                 92     0
TOTAL – Home                   3½       Away                         1½

Hertford won the toss and elected to have White on Board 1.

Anthony did not play the Benko-Half accepted very well, and had to settle
the half point offered. Leon drew, then Terry drew in what was a difficult
position if his opponent had been more enterprising. Malcolm had a
comfortable win, and Dan, on his debut was a bit fortunate his opponent
played a winning endgame far too passively, but to his credit took full
advantage. Played one, one one.


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