….And a Defeat to Follow


BOREHAMWOOD                                   HODDESDON 1
Board Home team                  Grade Score     Away team         Grade Score
1          Anthony Kent               162           0        Tarisai Savanhu 171      1
2          Malcolm Gesthuysen 158          0        Barry Lane           147      1
3          Leon Glouzman            138           0        Alan Gore              141     1
4          Syd Kalinsky                  138          0       Mark Beadle         13 1     1
5          Dan Marcos                     130          1        Richard Joyce     119     0
TOTAL – Home                            1             TOTAL – Away 4

A bit of a shocker last Tuesday. Malcolm missed a fork, and Anthony blundered in a
decent Scicilan Dragon position. Leon lost too, and Terry did not have the best of nights either.
Dan exploited his opponent’s poor opening to win a piece and proceed to overrun him.
Not much between teams on paper……


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