It does not get any better


Tuesday 20-November-2012
Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum 2 v Borehamwood 1
Board 1 : Fisher, Jim 155                 0-1 Raoof, Adam N 184
Board 2 : White, David 146             1-0 Kent, Anthony R 159
Board 3 : Wali, Mir M 145               1-0 Glouzman, Leon 138
Board 4 : Bruckner, Roman 142  1-0 O’Sullivan,  Terry J 138
Board 5 : Read, Matthew 140       1-0 Marcos, Dan  130
Match Score :                                      4 – 1

Now for the walk of shame from last Tuesday……
Adam was an h pawn up from the French and aided perhaps by lady luck took the full point in a B + pawns v N + pawns ending. Anthony played some abject moves in the opening and lost badly. In the battle of the veterans, Leon lost to Wali who played a blinder in a Bishops + p endgame. Terry lost the exchange late on under pressure. Dan also lost the exchange. And it was raining.


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