One loss, One Win – Creeping Towards Mid-Table

OK, we lost to Hoddesdon 4.5 – 0.5 on 17th January (Leon drew, the rest is definitely history)…. So onto the latest match v St Albans 4.

The last match was played hours before the week of snow began. Everything had thawed out by the time we visited the Cathedral City of St Albans (including mental faculties). Dan won in 19 moves, which was a great start and Leon drew. On Board 2, Black’s Caro-Kann did not fare well against the Panov-Botvinnik Attack, but Terry queened a pawn on Board 3 to win the ending. In a tense, nervy Alekhine Modern, White missed a straightforward winning exchange sequence, and greatly took the offered draw as both players ducked out the time scramble in a level position. A 3-2 win giving 6 points out of 14 after 7 of the 12 matches in the 2012/2013 season. Relegation fears are hopefully receding.

                    St Albans 4        v               Borehamwood (White on Odds)
Board  1 : Paul Lawrence                   141   1/2   Anthony Kent                    148
Board  2 : James Palmer                    148   1-0   Malcolm Gesthuysen      149
Board  3 : Paul Laskier                       140   0-1   Terry O’Sullivan               131
Board  4 : Terry Douse                       137   0-1   Dan Marcos                        130
Board  5 : David Hatfield                   140   1/2   Leon Glouzman                126
Match Score :                                                2 – 3

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