Thawing out the grey cells

Match Played 12 February 2013

Borehamwood                        Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum 2nds

Board 1 :       Kent, Anthony R          148       1/2       Fisher, Jim 158  (W)
Board 2 :       Gesthuysen, Malcolm 149     1/2       White, David 143
Board 3 :       O’Sullivan, Terry J    131         0-1        Bruckner, Roman 143
Board 4 :       Marcos, Dan              130           1-0       Wali, Mir M 141
Board 5 :      Glouzman, Leon        126           0-1       Read, Matthew 142
Match Score :                                                         2 – 3
The last match preceded the days of snow. This one was post thaw. Well done Dan for being sole winner. On Board 1, with a few left minutes each, black had sacrificed the exchange for the attack. Black to play, Nf4 looks tasty, but unfortunately f5 played and advantage dissipated. Need to thaw out those grey cells a bit more.

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