Three horseshoes, and no fourth horseman

Almost a year ago, on a balmy Herfordshire evening, we headed up the A1 to the delightful Three Horseshoes in Willian, near Letchworth.  A bit of déjà vu, apart from the driving rain, as we invaded the country pub. “2 pints of your weakest bitter and a diet coke, please”. We were armed for battle.

Last year we scored 3 wins. Could we repeat this feat, though outgraded (a bit) on each board? Leon rolled back the years like a timelord as he scored a win with an excellent Ruy Lopez king-side attack. Dan countered his opponent’s Grand Prix attack for a storming win. Board one saw the Modern Variation of the Alekhine. White grabbed a pawn and swapped down to a winning blitz knight and pawn ending. We had our 3 wins, again. Malcolm entered the (Sicilian) Dragon via the Benoni for a creditable half. Terry’s Benk0 Gambit Half Accepted  drew (sharp eyed readers will notice there was one last year – more weird déjà vu).

The exit to the A1 was closed, but a detour via Hitchen could not dampen our spirits. A 4-1 win and relegation blues banished. Roll on the next match.
Herts CA : Herts League – Division 4   Monday 18 March 2013
Board  1 : Barnes, Jon P               156      0-1   Kent, Anthony R             148
Board  2 : Harris, Mark                  150     1/2   Gesthuysen, Malcolm  149
Board  3 : Gardner, Phillip K       159     1/2   O’Sullivan, Terry J         131
Board  4 : Mutton, Ian                   148     0-1    Marcos, Dan                   130
Board  5 : Coates, Tom                   138     0-1    Glouzman, Leon           126
Match Score :                                               1 – 4

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