No Rickets in Apsley (but plenty of gambits)

Up the A41 for 4th match of the season against Hemel Hempstead 3 in the delightful Apsley district of the town. (The 3rd match against Stevenage 2 is level at 2-2 with one adjournment – news when match finished).

So far so good – We have won the match and are claiming a win on adjudication on board #3. A tasty Vienna Gambit on board #1 got us of to a great start. A decidedly off-the-beaten-track Colorado Gambit on board #2 led to material advantage from the opening. Queens Gambit on #3 looking good so far (we are partial to our gambits in Borehamwood). French on Board 4# for a solid win, and Ruy Lopez draw on Board #5. 

Herts League – Division 4 – Monday 25 November-2013

Hemel Hempstead 3                                        Borehamwood 1
Board 1 : Gibb, Rodney 153        0-1           Simmons, Matthew 193 (white)
Board 2 : Rixon, Tom J 134       0-1           Kent, Anthony R 148
Board 3 : Simpson, Derek 133 A-A           Gesthuysen, Malcolm 146
Board 4 : Saunders, Barrie 132 0-1          O’Sullivan, Terry J 126
Board 5 : Gardner, Joan 127     1/2           Glouzman, Leon 120
Match Score :                          0.5 – 3.5    so far…….

If you want to contact us, please do. We are looking to offer more league matches next season and need new woodpushing faces to achieve this.


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