2 Tuesdays in January to challenge ones Wheelhouse

Christmas is long gone, and the remnants of the January clothes sales are mostly small or XL size, sporting colours like burgundy or taupe. Under such circumstances we enter the business end of the chess season.

The home first match of 2014, On Tuesday 7th January, started with a win. On top board, Matthew converted a pawn ending after a strong Sicilian defence. Malcolm had a strong material plus, but agreed a draw as his clock was not in a good place. Dan had a comfortable win, but Leon grabbed a pawn too many and got caught out by a clever combination.

Herts League – Division 4
Borehamwood 1                                                            Hoddesdon 1
Board  1 : Simmons, Matthew            193   1-0   Beadle, Mark                  144
Board  2 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm       146   1/2   Gore, Alan D                  136
Board  3 : Marcos, Dan                         143   1-0   Joyce, Richard P          132
Board  4 : O’Sullivan, Terry J            126   1/2   Patmore, Alan               118
Board  5 : Glouzman, Leon                 120   0-1   Young, Dane P               116
Match Score :                                                     3 – 2

The following Tuesday against Hemel , whom we beat comfortably away from home, domestic comforts were a bit thin on the ground. Apart from Matthew winning on top board, it was not all plain sailing. Draws for Leon & Terry gave us a shipshape 2-1 edge . Anthony was 2 pawns down in the life raft apropos a misfiring Colorado Gambit. However, tactics and pressure led to a knight for 3 pawns (plus rooks etc.) finale which held for a draw. Dan unfortunately dropped a pawn in an even knight ending just before the time control. He chose to walk the plank and his game was ceded without resumption. Honours even.

Herts League – Division 4
Borehamwood 1                                                          Hemel Hempstead 3
Board  1 : Simmons, Matthew           193   1-0   Gibb, Rodney                153
Board  2 : Kent, Anthony R                148   1/2   Rixon, Tom J               134
Board  3 : Marcos, Dan                         143   0-1   Simpson, Derek           133
Board  4 : O’Sullivan, Terry J           126   1/2   Saunders, Barrie          132
Board  5 : Glouzman, Leon                 120   1/2   Hall, Ian JL                    121
Match Score :                                               2.5 – 2.5


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