Champagne stays on ice

Long drive up the A1 on a wet November night. No cigars, caviar or champagne. Still seeking our first points of a chastening season.

Leon played a rapid, solid stonewall as black and agreed a grandmaster draw. Anthony blundered a pawn early in a sort of reversed Leningrad dutch, but pressure led Q + 2 bishops against Q + Bishop and knight.
Black could make no headway, so draw agreed.
Terry had white against a kings Indian, had a lively game, but got caught at the back.
Malcolm backed the wrong horse in a drawn pawn ending, and Matthew finished last with a well fought reversed Sicilian draw. We lost 3-2

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3 Monday 23-November-2015
Letchworth & Hitchin 2  v Borehamwood
Board 1 : Nelson, Ian 163 (w)              0-1     Simmons, Matthew 194
Board 2 : Burrows, Anthony G 153    1/2     Kent, Anthony R 145
Board 3 : Coates, Tom 133                    1-0     Gesthuysen, Malcolm 133
Board 4 : Pateman, Mark 125              1-0     O’Sullivan, Terry J 114
Board 5 : Collis, Leon 48                       1/2     Glouzman, Leon 118
Match Score : 3 – 2



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