Home but not much comfort

Our first home match of the season against Hertford 2. The story so far: Malcolm’s opponent got the better of the opening and chaperoned  a pawn home in a won endgame. Leon lost to the Stonewall.
Anthony only just survived a Kingside onslaught against the Sicilian Dragon, and Du Boulay turned down a draw during the time scramble . Unfortunately for him, his flag fell first in a better position. A very fortunate win for us.
Dan won after his opponent resigned rather than face a loss on adjudication (computer agrees). Matthew is a down on material but playing on. 2 – 2 so far……

Tuesday 17-November-2015
Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3
Borehamwood 1 Hertford 2
Board 1 : Simmons, Matthew 194        P-P   Capes, Ian (W) 160
Board 2 : Marcos, Dan 164                     1-0     A Morris, Simon P 150
Board 3 : Kent, Anthony R 145             1-0    Du Boulay, Andrew 146
Board 4 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm 133   0-1    Mountford, Corinne 134
Board 5 : Glouzman, Leon 118              0-1     Marshall, Duncan 114
Match Score : 2 – 2 so far



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