Bishops Stortford: Great Escape is on!

M25, M11,  38 miles each way. Another win: The  Great Escape is on!

Terry won when his opponent underestimated his King side attack, and could not prevent mate, whilst simultaneously keeping an occasional one eye on the Liverpool v Man United  match on his laptop (his opponent, not Terry).

Good draws for Malcolm in the Queens Gambit Declined and Kevin’s Pirc defense.

Adam’s opponent held out well against the French and a draw was agreed.

Anthony (White) was last to finish with a Kings Indian attack against the French. In the position below, black has just gone 13..a6? so reply 14.Nfxe5 won the pawn. Black then went Nd7 and 15 NxNc6 won in a 8 more moves.

Borehamwood CC now have 6 points, with 3 matches to go. All to play for.

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3 Thursday 10-March-2016
Bishops Stortford 2 v Borehamwood

Board 1 : Heffer, Mark (W)       140 1/2         Raoof, Adam N 198
Board 2 : Heffer, Judith             132 0-1        Kent, Anthony R 146
Board 3 : Willbe, Charles          134 1/2         Sear, Kevin 167
Board 4 : Jurd, Peter                   123 1/2         Gesthuysen, Malcolm 133
Board 5 : Hirst, Adam                 118 0-1        O’Sullivan, Terry J 113
Match Score :                                  1.5 – 3.5




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