New Chess Season starts with away win!

Lets start with the match details

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3         Monday 10-October-2016
Stevenage 2                                                        Borehamwood
Board  1 : Fitzgerald, Patrick      145   0-1   Raoof, Adam N (w)                192
Board  2 : Thompson, Neal A      142   1/2   Kent, Anthony R                  153
Board  3 : Bogucki, Michal           141   1-0   Gesthuysen, Malcolm        132
Board  4 : Jones, Len                     135   1/2   Sear, Kevin                           132
Board  5 : Seeley, Peter                 126   0-1   O’Sullivan, Terry J               121
Match Score :                                            2 – 3

The autumnal equinox has passed and the season began in The Holy Trinity Church, Stevenage, and we achieved the requisite trinity of points for a fine team win.
Adam gained an advantage  From the Colle system and won comfortably. Malcolm had a decent position from the queens Gambit, but misjudged a line when opening up the position. Kevin gained a solid draw against his opponents favoured Polish opening.
Terry won a piece against the Queens Indian and his opponent resigned at the time control. Anthony had a decent Sicilian as black but managed to draw a won pawn ending.
Do contact us as more players needed for match squad!

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