French, Danish, Polish, and a Polar Bear

Hertfordshire Chess League – Division 3
Tuesday 27th February 2018 . Hatfield White on odd boards

Borehamwood                           v                   Welwyn Hatfield 2
Board 1 : Raoof, Adam N 176              1-0    Fisher, Jim R 157
Board 2 : Kent, Anthony R 151           1-0    White, David 147
Board 3 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm 132 1/2     Read, Matthew 135
Board 4 : Sear, Kevin 124                    1/2     Aldred, James H 135
Board 5 : O’Sullivan, Terry J 118       0-1      Wali, Mir M 129
Match Score :                                       3 – 2

A bitterly cold evening, the so-called Beast-From-The-East had graced Borehamwood.

This was the first occasion we had used our new digital clocks, and they were all set to Fisher mode: 70 minutes each plus 10 seconds a move. Adam gained the advantage in the French defence and won against Jim Fisher.


On Board 2, Anthony went along with the weather and played the Polar Bear system (aka Reversed Leningrad). A less than smart piece sacrifice led to a difficult position, but in time pressure, Black played 30…Ne5 to d7 which turned his big advantage into a loss after white replied with 31. e5 . Black followed up with 31…kc7 ,and 32. BxN QxB 33. Ra7 check meant the Black Queen got sucked into the polar vortex on b7. A very fortunate win.

AKvWGCF feb 2018

Malcolm draw against the Polish Opening. Kevin’s Danish Gambit was declined, and after a long struggle, a drawn king and pawn ending was reached.


Terry had a level pawn ending, with a bishop to his opponent’s knight. He overpressed (as board 2 had appeared lost) and unfortunately lost. A 3-2 victory was unexpetidly achieved, which had not looked likely earlier in the evening.




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