Win over Watford Puts The Wood Top of the Table

5 home matches in 2017/2018 Season, each won 3-2. 3 points out of 8 from 4 away matches.

Herts League – Division 3 Tuesday 20-March-2018

Watford White on odds
Borehamwood                            Watford 3
Board 1 : Raoof, Adam N            176 1/2    Lancaster, Roger 173
Board 2 : Marcos, Dan                 151 1/2    Pigott, Darrell N 160
Board 3 : Kent, Anthony R          151 1/2    Charles, Simon 138
Board 4 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm 132 1/2    Sloan, Cecil 138
Board 5 : O’Sullivan, Terry J       118 1-0    David, Barry AH 127
Match Score :                                       3 – 2

The decisive result was on board 5 where Terry’s opponent over looked that a piece could be captured due to a pin. Malcolm faced the centre counter. A draw was agreed in position below

Malcolm March 18

Anthony faced the Grand Prix Attack, and agreed a draw below (though should have played on…Bf6…Bh4)

AK March 18

Dan’s game finished last, his draw giving us the win.

Dan March 18.JPG



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