Herts League: Now 5 out of 5 after win at Royston

Having beaten Royston a few weeks ago at home, this trek up the A1 was always going to be tougher without our top 2 graded squad players. The weather was benign, and we arrived in good time. On paper, the teams looked very even.

Herts League – Division 3
Monday 17-December-2018

Royston 2 v Borehamwood

Board 1 : Walton, Paul 161 0-1 Marcos, Dan 158
Board 2 : Strehl, Arek 147 1/2 Kent, Anthony 151
Board 3 : Jackson, Simon C 142 0-1 Gesthuysen, Malcolm 139
Board 4 : Hurricks, Dave 138 1/2 Sear, Kevin 111
Board 5 : Judkins, Brian D 138 1-0 O’Sullivan, Terry J 107
Match Score : 2 – 3

First, Anthony drew after a an exchange of pieces in the Sicilian. Then Malcolm’s opponent played the Slav, and surprisingly castled queen-side. He then lost a piece when his queen could no longer cover it after a tactic.
Dan had a nice win  – see below. After he played 18 Bxg6, black replied Nxd, then 19. cxN BxRh8 follwed by the excellent 20. Be8!, with white threatening mate from N on g5 and the queen. Material was won, and white soon finished the job. Terry’s pieces where too busy defending and his position was breached. Kevin’s opponent was very short of time, living on the 10 second increments.  A draw was agreed in a queen and rooks ending which was the a fair result. So we squeezed a 2-3 victory.

Dan, above, contemplating his next move

Kevin and Terry in deep thought

Have a great Christmas and New year. Back for more in 2019!


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