Win against Bishops Stortford

Herts CA : Herts League – Division 3
Tuesday 26-March-2019

       Borehamwood 1         Bishops Stortford 2

Board 1 : Raoof, Adam N 179 1-0 Acton, Tim 142
Board 2 : Rubeck, Jonathan 167 1-0 Osiyemi, Lara 139
Board 3 : Marcos, Dan 171 0-1 Heffer, Judith 140
Board 4 : Kent, Anthony R 153 1-0 Heffer, Mark 120
Board 5 : Gesthuysen, Malcolm 142 1/2 Cowlin, Andrew 120
Match Score : 3.5 – 1.5

First – apologies to our legion of fans for not posting for a while. Too busy playing chess. This win gives us 7 wins, a draw and a defeat from 9 matches so far this season. We outgraded Bishops Stortford on all boards, but it wasn’t all plain sailing. Anthony’s opponent played a dubious line of the Pirc Defence which was duly exploited. Dan castled queenside to attack opponents king-side , but lost to a strong attack on f7 which gave his opponent the exchange and control of the 7th rank, leading to a forced mate. His first defeat of this season. Adam won convicingly with the French, and Jonathan also expoited material advantage. Malcolm’s game went to the wire on time until a draw was agreed in a rook and pawn ending. The return away match is next week

Action on Boards 1 and 2


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