First Herts league win of season against Stevenage

We lost 3-2 at their venue 3 weeks previously. On the day, our usual board 2 was not well, so we found a sub, who was then not needed as Stevenage could only field 4 players.

Herts CA : Herts League – phase 2 – Division 2D                               
                                            Tuesday 26-April-2022                             

           Borehamwood                                     Stevenage 1
Board  1 : Simmons, Matthew        2163   1/2   Robinson, Dominic          1885
Board  2 : Kent, Anthony R               1750   1-0   Anigbo, Afamefuna          1775
Board  3 : Williams, Stephen            1500   1/2   Fitzgerald, Patrick          1788
Board  4 : O’Sullivan, Terry J            1510   0-1   Trethewey, Frank              1675
Board  5 : Sear, Kevin                     1653   1-d   default                              –
Match Score :                                      3 – 2

Stevenage were stronger on boards 2 to 4, so the was not going to be easy to win. On Board 2, Black had a good opening with the Scicilian against white’s Grand Prix Attack.

On move 16, black’s Queen on h4 should have exchanged itself with white’s queen. Instead, 18…. Qd8 was which was met by 19. e5! which threatened to cut of black’s bishop with c3. Black had to give up his c pawn, and his postion fell apart after 7 moves.due to king side weakness

Postion after 26. Bxe

On Board 1, black pressed for the inititative but could not break through, so a draw was agreed.


Board 3 was also drawn, giving us a win (an oversight on board 4 cost the game).

Level material on board 3.

A few more matches to play till the end of the sesason,


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