Open 2022/2023 Season with disappointing Defeat

First Match of the season at home. Stronger on paper. What could go wrong?

Herts League – Division 2
Tuesday 18-October-2022
Welwyn White on odd boards

       Borehamwood                                     Welwyn Hatfield

Board 1 : Simmons, Matthew 2171 0-1 White, David 1840
Board 2 : Raoof, Adam N 2091 1/2 Gordonsmith, Roger H 1835
Board 3 : Rubeck, Jonathan 1880 1/2 Roderick, Andrew 1820
Board 4 : Kent, Anthony R 1792 1/2 Aldred, James H 1738
Board 5 : Williams, Stephen 1500 0-1 Fisher, Jim R 1711
Match Score : 1.5 – 3.5

First result was a draw on board 3. Anthony Kent played a gambit line versus the Caro Kann, which was declined, and a symetrical pawn tructure led to a draw. Adam could not break down his opponents French dame efence. Jim Fisher’s king side attack against Steve Williams, which left us needing a win on top board to tie the match. Unfortunately, Matthew was a pawn down and eventually lost the endgame.

Boards 2 and 3

Action on board 1

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